Healing Starts

Hope Partners Africa, was founded in 2017 by Dr. Herbert Ainamani. Dr.Ainamani was deeply moved by the level of trauma endured by people who have had to flee their homelands due to violence, disease or famine. Families are torn apart. Suicide is common. Ethnic cultures clash within the refugee camps. Children become orphans. Many people have abandoned the idea that life can ever be normal again.

HPA was started to address the psychological healing that many people are in need of because of the violence and trauma they have endured. It is the hope of HPA to help individuals become self-sufficient and functioning members of their communities. This is done through counseling services, job skills training, and assistance with basic needs.

Sisters of Refugees

Connection is Made

Sisters of Refugees is a pen-pal program that works directly with Hope Partners Africa to connect women in refugee camps in Uganda with women in the United States through letter writing. Sisters of Refugees offers women on both sides, the ability to encourage one another and share about their struggles, their joys, and their triumphs. A simple letter to your sister brings a feeling of value and worth to them as often times they feel so forgotten and that their lives don’t matter.

If you would like to become a pen-pal through the Sisters of Refugees program, please contact Basia Olpinski at barbaraolpinski@gmail.com

Free Indeed

Opportunity iS Given

The Free Indeed Initiative works directly with Hope Partners Africa in their job skill training program. As the women learn new skills, The Free Indeed Initiative supports them by purchasing their products, bringing them back to the US and selling them for profit. Part of that profit goes back to Hope Partners Africa so that more women can receive help through their counseling services, helping to meet basic needs, or helping to purchase supplies needed for their skills training. The Free Indeed Initiative exists to empower refugees towards hope and healing.


A Complex Case

To give an idea of the complexity of some cases, we present this family which fled Congo in 2008. The dad had a successful business in his village but someone became jealous and, with the right connections, was able to send local militia to pay a visit. The soldiers



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