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Since 2012, my colleagues and I have been deeply moved by the level of trauma endured by people who have had to flee their homelands due to violence, disease or famine. Families are torn apart. Suicide is common. Ethnic cultures clash within the refugee camps. Too many children become orphans. Many people have abandoned the idea that life can ever be normal again. Sometimes the causes are natural events; there is little one can do to battle acts of nature. But violence is caused by people which makes upheaval intensely personal with serious emotional damage. It is this condition that results in the most desperate of victims.​

HPA was begun to restore hope to people who, through no fault of theirown, can never go home again. We are designated therapy providers in refugee camps in Uganda. We are practicing psychological clinicians in major universities and urban centers. We are highly regarded researchers presenting the findings of our work throughout Africa.

It is our experience that desperate people, whether they be families living day to day as refugees or orphan children found by the side of the road, can be made whole and hopeful. We invite you to join us in this great work. Bring your expertise or donate support. Thank you.

Herbert E. Ainamani, PhD
Managing Partner

It is the mission of Hope Partners Africa to provide essential psycho-social and medical services to East African populations in severe need.  Our vision is to develop self-sufficient individuals who are physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy in order to build non-violent communities based upon respect for human life.

Our organizations work together to provide counseling, occupational therapy, and relational support to women and families in Ugandan refugee camps. This holistic approach to healing provides needed support to not only address the basic needs of our clients, but to provide tools that allow them to hope for a future outside their immediate circumstances. Through physical, emotional, and social support, our clients are healing from trauma and moving toward solutions for building a new life for themselves and their children.

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Godfrey Zari Rukundo M.D.(MBChB, M. Med Psych, CFCAP, PhD)


Judith Kobusigye

Information Technology

Eunice Kanishaba

Financial Management and Accounting

Sarah Tusime Bashaija

Legal Advisor

Pastor Yahweh

Committee Member

Dan Bigrwah

Committee Member

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Peggy Walding


Steve Waggoner

Pastoral Care

Stacie Pleasants

Enterprise Development

Sarah Walding

Medical Outreach

Ashley Hunt


Cathy Walding


Barbara Olpinski

Donor Relations


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